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Experience why your neighbors in Ipswich trust Rescue Force for all their heating and air conditioning installations and repairs — and the best in comfort for your home!

24/7 Emergency Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Come home to a freezing cold house? Our trusted HVAC company provides 24/7 emergency heating and air conditioning repairs in the Ipswich, Massachusetts area. We are extensively trained to repair most types and brands of residential heating and air conditioning systems, so we can tackle the problem and get it fixed quickly.

Rescue Force is your local Ipswich HVAC company who provides repairs, maintenance, installations, replacements, and indoor air quality solutions.

Our heating contractors have been through comprehensive training in order to meet your every service need. We offer repairs and installations of most heating and cooling systems, including gas and oil furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioners, water heaters, and hot water heating systems.

We can also help you remove an existing HVAC system or upgrade to the latest energy-efficient equipment for energy savings.

Work Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At Rescue Force, we stand by our HVAC work. We offer a 60-day repair guarantee and a 1-year 100% complete guarantee on new systems. We also offer a 2-year one call guarantee if you are on our protection plan services. With Rescue Force, you get peace of mind knowing your heating and air conditioning is taken care of and that you’ll never feel stranded without air conditioning or heating in your home.

Why we changed our name from Wilkins Heating and Cooling to Rescue Force Heating & Air?

As we grew, we realized we needed to make some changes to better serve our customers. We have made new hires and put new systems in place that allow for better customer communication and support. We thought this was a great time to revamp our entire business with a new name that we think suits us as a company!
Our new name is just that, a new name. We still offer the same award winning service you are used to. We are just now able to offer better communication through the entire process. Thanks you for your time and continuing support!

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